środa, 20 stycznia 2010

my winter wolf

At the beginning I wanna say sorry for long break.I have many lessons and tests and I totally I didnt have time.So I dont have new photos too..Ok but this is video about my fashionable dog Ichigo , enjoy!

sobota, 9 stycznia 2010

Ok girls,boys,everybody!
I feel really good!I decided to tell you that because for last three months I feel horrible,and suddenly two days ago I started feel good.Maybe its sex magic ;d So its very good news.Because of it I will show you my place and some crazy photos of my life.The next : today I was on my first SWAP.It was in Sopot in Immersion Club and was really nice.I change my old clothes for some beauty news! Amazing party!Today is the first day Im spending without Chris.But it was nice experience.I wanna say thank you for Vicky Lee for invite me to lookbook :D

blouse-Cubus and also my dog Ichigo :D


fake fur-ebay,bag-LV,scarf-Zaraz

my new corkboard ,tshirt-by me

dress-by me ;d necklace-vintage shop

Sopot .:)

wtorek, 5 stycznia 2010

Lip Piercing

Thank you for comments .:)

I gonna show you picks of my new lip piercing( I did it yesterday!).Its great but its swollen today :< and also few pictures from 2.01.2010. was so cold!
Big come back to school and I dont have as much time as I wanna have but Im trying to reconcile all so I think it will be OK.Today I got up at 7.47 .Great but I have school at 8,so I have just worn jeans and run to school .Of course its illegal to have piercing in my school (it one of the best school in my city) and they said that we're too young to making this kind of excesses so I'm hiding my lip under patch :D

piątek, 1 stycznia 2010

Goodbye Oslo,Hello Gdansk and also Happy New Year

Thank you for lot of comments and for your kind worlds.In this post I wanna show you some of my "Norway Look" and my boyfriend Chris. How did you spend your New Year?
Our wasnt so great as I thought it will be,but you know I had "those days" and I didnt feel really well so...we gone sleep at midnight after fireworks show.
He spent all days and nights with me since I come back to Polan what is really greatfull taking into account that Im only fiveteen years old (in this year sixteen ;d).I live in facts alone because my parents re most of the time in travel so it wasnt so hard to get agree for sleeping together for one week.

Ok I think that is enough .

sobota, 26 grudnia 2009

Norway,ou Norway!

Hello,Mery Christmas and also nice to meet all of fashionist.
That are my first looks so please be hoest.
Im in Norway with my family on our ship now , so I took some nice photos of city.
I like it but U know its not so nice like spending Xmas at home.
I wanna thank you ,Chris because without you I will never open this blog(too much HTML :D).Then I wanna thank you, Chiara from The Blonde Salad,because I started thinking about my own blog after I saw yours.At the end I want to thank you,Joana because you showed me world of real fashion.